AQUAPARK ČESTLICE AND SWIMMING POOL PODOLÍ – buildings documentation with use of 3D laser scanning

3D laser scanning, as well as land and aerial photogrammetry, has been a regular part of our work more then 5 years. Now we are using these methods on projects Aquapark Čestlice and swimming poll Podolí.

SMÍCHOV CITY … we are involved in the birth of new Prague district

We have been partaking in the construction of the new district in the heart of Smíchov since the launch of the project in 2020. We just began with the largest scope of work – laying out the monolith construction.


We are surveying the entire attic spaces and facades of the "big palace" in Průhonice using a cutting-edge 3D laser scanning technology.

We have been starting new technologies – 3D LASER SCANNING, LAND AND AERIAL PHOTOGRAMMETRY

In this year we have been starting new technologies - 3D LASER SCANNING, LAND AND AERIAL PHOTOGRAMMETRY. For more information click here.  

We change the company’s headquarters

Today we moved to the new address of the company at NA DLÁŽDĚNCE 348/42, PRAHA 8 - TROJA

Geodetic work in Scotland

Geodetically we provide the construction of a hydroelectric power station in western Scotland.

Geodetic work for Jaguar Land Rover in Nitra

Another car manufacturer in Eastern Europe! After geodetic securing of TPCA construction in Cologne, Hyundai in Nošovice and KIA in Žilina, we are now working on the Jaguar Land Rover in Nitra.

Foreign geodetical mission in Poland

The construction of the hall in the Polish KATOWICS this year continues our international missions